B & W Gallery 1980's

Uxbridge Series
Hand Tinted Images
Marie's Bride
May Melody
Dolls With Lace
Thom's Chrystal Microphone
Kathy's Second Sight In Action
Kathy In The Garden Magic
Doll With Lace
Sun Dappled Laughter
Outdoor Art Show
Marianne At Home (hand tinted black & white)
Fruit Bowl Plaza Hotel NYC 1986
Susie - Kingston
Health Food Store - Kingston
Betty 1982
Jennifer / Guild Inn / Horse 1982

Jennifer / Guild Inn /

Art Deco 1982

Jennifer / Ballet Slippers 1982
Jennifer / Guild Inn Female Form 1982

Jennifer / Sussex Feather Necklace 1982

Jennifer / Sussex Feather Contemplation 1982 Jennifer / White Bench  

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