Early Work


"Between Friends"

"Kaleidoscope 2"   1972  -  Director Morley Markson

Doug HenningBarry Bergthorsen Doug Henning Fire EaterFire Eater
Doug Henning, Tony Hall & Rick McguireRichard Leiterman & Tony HallFire Eater


Nell Hall Humpherson 1971  at the age of 78
Early British Suffragette
Alfie Scopp 1971 Nan Stewart 1971
Barbara Graham  1971 Josephine Barrington   1971 Doug McGrath  1971


Honorable Flora MacDonald, MP campaigning with Lee Monaco 1977, Toronto

Princess Marie Christine Daphné de Réthy of Belgium
Daphné / Reception Toronto
June 1981
Daphné / Reception Toronto
June 1981
Princess Marie-Christine Daphné with Husband  Paul  Drucker
Toronto  June 1981

Princess Marine Christine Daphné with her husband Paul Drucker Toronto  June 1981
Princess Marine Christine Daphné with Husband Paul Rucker
(left) and Co-Workers From TV Ontario
Toronto June 1981
Daphné / Winter














James Joyce Centenary / Celtic Festival University of Toronto St. Michaels College 1982
Signing their books: Dream Chamber, Sorel Etrog and About Roaratorio, John Cage at Edwards Book Store, Toronto 1982 H. Spencer Clark, Corinne McLuhan, John Cage and Sorel Etrog  1982Sorel  Etrog, John Cage & Merce Cunningham  1982
Corinne McLuhan, Robert O'Driscoll, John Cage &
Sorel Etrog

Musicage Installation for John Cage's 70th Birthday


Jim Sheridan, Actor 1982
Flute Players: Robert Aitken on left
Jeannie Innes 1983
Michael McLuhan  1982


Margaret Atwood with Daughter
Eleanor Atwood Gibson 1982

Margaret Atwood, Lillian Sarafinchian  Graeme Gibson  1982

Cocktails Anyone ?  1982


Michael Zizis 1983 Mendelson Joe 1985 Dudley Whitney, Photographer 1983
St. Lawrence Market Rock Concert 1971
Unknown Singer
Teegarden & Van Winkle

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